The Essence of Taste

January 1, 2010

Buddha’s Hand Essence of Taste Gourmet Powder from the Heavenly Chef Taste Essence Company Limited (Hong Kong). Sounds tasty, right?

It’s a tin of pure MSG.

Also, there are companies such as Heavenly Chef whose sole purpose in existence is to manufacture MSG.

In the US, Buddha’s Hand MSG does in fact say what it is in English on the box, presumably so the FDA doesn’t shut them down. However it is not nearly as prominent as the completely uninformative “ve-tsin” label, which is a transliteration for “taste essence”, which means MSG.

Bonus fun fact: the word for “essence” is the same word for “semen”, so an alternative, hilarious translation of this product name is “Semen of Taste” or, if you use a brute force methods, “Taste Semen”.

You’re welcome.


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