Orthodox Black Ghost Oil

January 4, 2010

This is a bottle of orthodox (or real) black ghost oil—-except that it’s really a bootleg since the genuine one says “original package” instead of “real”.

Those of you with a passing familiarity of Chinese slang would know that black ghost means nigger in Chinese. That’s right, guys, there is a chiropractic product sold in East Asia called Nigger Oil. And it’s such a common item that there are bootleg nigger oils. Seriously.

The real Singapore Golden Black Ghost Oil has a colored portrait of the South Asian looking gentleman on the cover and you can clearly see that he is black; also there are words next to the portrait saying that you can identify real golden black ghost oil by the portrait of said black gentleman.

Even more baffling: the poem on the cover of this box (reproduced from the real, genuine box) reads “Genuine, orthodox merchandise; will replace for free if it’s fake; always keep a bottle in your home and with you to ensure eternal safety”.

I forgot if this post is a commentary on racism or piracy. I guess I’ll stop now.

Oh, yeah, I don’t actually know what this is for specifically. I think it’s one of those generic random if you rub it on some aching bones it will become better kind of medicine.

(Picture from Eric So on tom.com.)


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