Oil of the Lumberjack’s Living Blood

January 6, 2010

That translation is actually somewhat off. It’s just the most ridiculous sounding thing you can get from this product name. In reality it should more be like Lumberjack’s Oil of Bloodboiling.

It is clear that if the oil is good enough to get a lumberjack going it’s good enough for you. Sadly I cannot read the various poetry and wild claims on the box. If I ever encounter a better picture or a real box I’ll totally update this.

Of note: the dude who is on the box is not a lumberjack. He is the dude who manufactures and probably invented this oil. His name is Wong the Sincere and Loyal. How can you not trust a bottle of medicine from a dude named Sincere and Loyal?

(Picture from Eric So on tom.com.)


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