Thunder-Dodging Needle

February 27, 2010

Actually, this is in fact a magical device that helps you dodge lightning bolts. Assuming of course you place it somewhere high up away from where you are and properly ground it.

In Chinese the phenomena of lightning and thunder are usually referred to as 雷電, with 雷 meaning the thundering sound and 電 meaning electricity, or lightning. Strangely a lightning rod is called 避雷針 (dodge, thunder, needle, respectively) in Chinese. This could be because it’s unwieldy to use th whole of 雷電 and so only the first character was used. Or because people wanted to be confusing. You know, like how we call a lightning rod a lightning rod even though it does not in fact shoot lightning at things.


2 Responses to “Thunder-Dodging Needle”

  1. […] to mean “shooting lightning” because we all know that Chinese has this problem with shortening “thunder and lightning” to just “thunder”. And when you think about it, it is kind of like shooting lightning when you point at things with a […]

  2. […] a “thunder-dodging needle” that does not help you dodge lightning “bullet-dodging clothing”, or 避彈衣, […]

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