Maybe it’s not fair to call crazy glue (or if you prefer the brand name, Krazy Glue) as an epic Chinese thing, but the picture is of a Chinese-manufactured version of crazy glue (named MAGPOW so you know it’s awesome) so I suppose it counts.

In Chinese, crazy glue is known as 萬能膠, where 膠 means glue and 萬能 means “capable of ten-thousand things”. Is that true? Let’s do some math: if we can find 100 things that crazy glue can work on then we can say that one capability or use of crazy glue would be gluing A to B. Since we have 100 things we can use for A and 100 for B the total number of gluing combinations is 100 times 100 or 10,000! Except gluing A to B is the same as B to A so maybe it’s more like 5,000. So we just need to find 200 things crazy glue works on and we’ll get something like 20,000 combinations, which is way more than advertised!

Math is also pretty epic.